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Acco (Acre) 23.09.2008
From Caesaria to Tzimmer 22.09.2008
Maggido to Jerusalem 22.09.2008
From Kibbutz HaON to Megiddo 21.09.2008
Tour day 3 from Hagoshrim to Sea of Gallilee 20.09.2008
Loop from Kibbutz Hagoshrim to Golan Heights 17.09.2008
Nahariya to Kibbutz Hagoshrim 15.09.2008
Tel Aviv 13.09.2008
From the Dolphin Beach to Tel Aviv 11.09.2008
A day in Eilat 10.09.2008
From Tel Aviv to Eilat 10.09.2008
A perspective of Israel 10.09.2008
Ein Geddi and Masada 08.09.2008
Jerusalem to Ein Geddi 08.09.2008
Jerusalem 08.09.2008
We are in Israel 04.09.2008
The Day we leave 02.09.2008
We are going to Israel 29.08.2008